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Two years ago at the beginning of the pandemic I talked about my work and exhibitions coming to a halt in the context of Gypsy Maker 4 with the Romani Cultural and Arts Company. The blog was called A Traveller Stilled. Two years on, this traveller, travels in her mind as personal circumstances still restrict my movements. Due to the kindness and professionalism of my project partners I have been able to continue with some of my planned projects and exhibitions. The Pandemic has enabled us to find new ways of working and whilst I will not been able to go ‘in-person’ to many of the exhibitions listed, I have attended many events virtually and worked with the teams supporting the exhibits both on the installation of works and on educational projects.

I guess we have all discovered new ways adapting to circumstances

Found : Art Textile Made in Britain

For those unable to see the tour Gypsy Maker 4 in Wales in 2020 some of the pieces are currently being shown as part of the exhibition ‘Found’ with Art Textiles Made in Britain at the Ilminster Arts Centre, 8-26th March.

Reflecting on the narratives to be found in the Romani community and my own family, the works looks at the issues surrounding migration and movement of people in the search for a safe place to live and work. This story is sadly one of repetition as we witness families being torn apart as war continues to rain down on the people of Ukraine,.

“For the Love of Gaia”  

Currently on show at the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) Jan 12 – Apr 9, 2022 – I am delighted to have ‘The Downs: Wind Torn’ featured  in the exhibtion.. 


Painting with Cloth

Exploring the connection between landscape, people and place Cas collects found materials as she goes. marks are then created which combine cloth, paint and stitch with a disregard of the divisions of medium usage and application that often define the world of painting and textiles

Farfield Mill in Sedbergh, Cumbria 30 March to 15th May 2022

Fibre and Form at the Halpern Gallery, Chatham 

1st-13 April. (Featuring work from Bev Johnson, Karen Morton, Linda Abrahams, Angela Lyon, Cas Holmes, Sheilagh Dyson, Gail Mercer, Jacqueline Hall, Iza Tamborska and Rosie James.)Painting with Cloth

Textile Landscape is to be reprinted for the 5th time by Batsford Books.. The front cover is of the Medway Gap now held in a private collection. Thankyou for supporting my writing.

I am managing to undertake some workshops virtually and hope to return to local ‘In Person' sessions in the next few months, Forgive me for not being any clearer on how this may progress. It is just how it is at the moment. I am grateful to all my project partners and students who have been most understanding and supportive.


Roni. said…
Could I be informed of workshops Please? Thankyou.
Roni. said…
Hello .could I be advised of workshops please.. many thanks.Veronica
Cas Holmes said…
Hello Roni. Please visit my website www.casholmes.co.uk for all updates on workshops and events

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