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Be Kind at Maidstone Hospital

Shortly before the second lockdown I visited Maidstone Hospital to mark the installation of the above piece 'Be Kind' which was my response to the health care portraits project. I have worked on projects  alongside local health care provision in Maidstone and the South East for most of my life. Then, as now, I recognise that our care is in the hands of an 'army of professionals' who work together rather than in the hands of an individual and wanted to represent that in this work. The portrait whilst of my Grandmother, reminds me we have been through this before and will get through this again. The Daisies are a symbol of  'New Beginnings'. 'Be Kind' are words from a newspaper. Roses for remembrance and printed and painted images from my garden. To each and every individual who works to provide the care from 'cradle to grave'. Thankyou. Thankyou to the Anthony Saward Gallery for the beautiful framing and also to the chaplain at Maidstone and Tunb

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