May Days and leading to Summer

I have recently returned from teaching in the USA and have hit the ground running. It has only been a little over two weeks since  I was in the baking heat of the St Diego skies on May Day. I met with friendship and warmth, met some wonderful  people on my courses and had some amazing experiences. All reported on my magpie blogspot. Found these Californian poppies by the roadside.
Since return I have been working on some pieces for future exhibitions which include local shows at Ripley (with Anne Kelly) and with South East Open Studios, as well as preparing works for my guest appearance at the European Patchwork Meeting, with a new body of work '40 Yards', and 'Flowers of the Field'  as well as a continuation of Tea Flora Tales (full details of all my forthcoming exhibitions on my Exhibitions and Events link).
Flowers of the Field (detail)
Many of the exhibitions include a workshop programme. I will be giving exhibiting and giving workshops for Quiltstar in July, and for the Lace museum in the Netherlands later in the year (enrolment for this is by beginning of August  (details are in the Dutch language and enrolment closes on August 1st). Contact the museum direct for more information) ). 
 So not too busy then!
All of this preparation has been in the midst of an ongoing loft conversion in my small house so the limited workspace has dictated the nature of the work. I am always open to challenge. It was lovely to see the garden blooming and birds nesting (even if it does need a good tidy up and the Bonsai trimming)

I will update later in June with progress as the garden falls within 40 Yards (my current work)


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