Counting My Blessings

I have needed to focus on close family in recent weeks and am equally having to make some tough, potentially life-changing decisions about how I work in the future as a result. I am fit and well but for now priorities have shifted in how I manage things. I am grateful to my close friends who have given me the support I need at this time and the small acts of kindness that made the testing day to day challenges bearable.

This thanks also extends to my project partners in my current exhibition and workshop program who are installing exhibitions on my behalf and accepting that I needed to cancel some teaching engagements Equally, thankyou to the students who had planned to attend my workshops for their patience and understanding.

The following events will go ahead:

FOUND:Art Textiles - Made in Britain Group Exhibition

Exhibition Date: 2nd – 30th October 2021

Queen Street Gallery, Neath 

Painting with Cloth

National Needlework Archive, The Old Chapel Textile Centre, Newbury,  

2nd October to 27th November 2021

Exploring the connection between landscape, people and place Cas collects found materials as she goes. marks are then created which combine cloth, paint and stitch with a disregard of the divisions of medium usage and application that often define the world of painting and textiles

Health and the Climate & Ecological Emergency Exhibition 

Images of the work can be seen on the uclh trusts’s website (uclh arts and heritage is the hospital arts and heritage project that serves UCLH NHS Foundation Trust)

Embroidering the Everyday

Thursday 7th October 3.00-3.30pm

I am in conversation with Wendy Gardiner at the Knitting and Stitching Show Alexandra Palace and will be book signing on the Batsford stand

Since the start of the pandemic, all creatives have had to find inspiration from the limitations of everyday materials and everyday geography. Drawing on her new book Embroidering the Everyday, Cas will encourage you to embrace these challenges, while finding inspiration in the ‘everyday’ and the ‘domestic’. 

Making and Meaning

Finally, thankyou Ruth Singer for this frank and open 'Making and Meaning' Podcast interview. So much has happened since this discussion back in early Summer about community, stitch and connecting which has added meaning for me now.


Unknown said…
Hello and yes thank you for reminding us to count our blessings. Air, water, a home, people who love and appreciate us, people we love and appreciate and help in myriad ways. Overlapping circles of existence. Time. Eyes, a mind to observe and hands to record, pulling thread through cloth, rough and smooth textures, the essence of moments, reminders we are part of a whole and can colour the magic with our art. Thanks, Kit Sutherland
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