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Places, Spaces, Traces and the Shipping Forecast on LV21

I am delighted to be exhibiting exhibition a selected collection of new work on   LV21  in Gravesend.   “Places, Spaces, Traces  reflects on my Romani heritage and the commonalities we have as people, the need for a place of our own, family and food. With migration, changes in our working lives and increasing opportunities to travel, migration our certainty about who we are and where we fit in is unsure. That this exhibition has been able to happen at all is down to the support team at LV21, good friends and sheer determination during what has been a few gritty weeks of adjusting, and continued adjustment to my working life. The exhibition runs from Saturday 20th November to Sunday 5th December. For further information or to book a group or school visit please email for available times. Meanwhile, you can hear a little bit more about the making of this work on this video link My partner Derek is a Stroke survivor and came out of hospital less than two weeks ago

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