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The Not So Everyday: Back in the World

I was delighted to get back in a studio and teaching last week at West Dean College with a short course 'Drawing from the Everyday.' There is nothing 'everyday' about the wonderful landscape and the gardens where I walked and sketched most days. The gardens are open to visitors with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Above: Some of my photos and sketchbooks     Diversity and commitment to process equally helped me get back in my stride. I missed the interaction over the last year of being in a studio with a group keen to learn and create Thank you to all the participants who worked and played so hard. Snippets of some of the sketchbook development work in progress. Details, work by Mildred Vass, Kelly Cheesley/Sally Deakin, Kelly Cheesley, Astrid Lewis. Detail of work by Anna White, Fenella Scurfield, Hilary Kidd and Jane Chandler I am looking forward to being back in later in the year and for those who cannot get there I am offering a live Zoom class on the 12-1

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