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”Nice Bit of Stuff” Fibre and Form

”Nice Bit of Stuff” ,  Fibre and Form  from  13th-26th April at the Halpern Gallery . Chatham One woman’s vanity case full of her unfinished patchwork pieces becomes the inspiration for 12 artists using textiles to create exciting new work. I will also be running a short workshop as part of Nucleus  Arts jumpstART programme on Wednesday 19 April. Further details here. I have been working on new pieces as part of the my contribution to the exhibit. Detail below of work in process, 'Absence,' part of a new series of works 'Making Connections'.  Finding time to get back into the studio to do some work in the last few months and stitching has been so valuable to my won well-being. Often I sit quietly in the evening whilst listening to the radio. at the same time. So love this 'posed' studio shot by artist and photographer Robert Greshoff. My 'second' studio space (a bench under a window indoors) doubles up as a shared sewing machine and on-line teaching sp

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