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All Things Nautical

The last couple of weeks have had a definite nautical theme to them. My exhibition Places, Spaces, Traces launched at the Barony Centre, West Kilbride at the end of August. This exhibition is a community engagement project supported by Craft Town Scotland . The images of the open event have kindly be sent by Fiona Doubleday and  Sam Bannister Fiona Doubleday reports: Cas Holmes has collaborated with Scottish Potters Communit y, the local primary school and the New Scots group which includes refugees now living in Scotland. The exhibition is designed to be wandered through and, as you do, you can't help but immerse yourself in the sentiments behind each and every piece. Stitched Stories has a piece in it that travelled to Antwerp with Cas and has now come back to Scotland where our story began. This is a remarkable exhibition that speaks so many truths about human resilience and the need for compassion. Cas had begun a conversation that needs to continue You can see her vid

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