Pani Kekkavva. Commissioned by the Romani Cultural and Arts Company for Gypsy Maker 4

Cas Holmes uses found materials, paint, cloth and stitch to reflect the stories and history connected to landscape and place. Her work is often collaborative in nature and includes installations for public buildings and the workplace.

Be Kind Maidstone Hospital

Small works and Stitch-Sketches are available to purchase in her new shop .  Examples of her larger works are represented by the Saatchi on-line gallery. To arrange a visit to see examples of current work, commission or for general enquiries please use the contact form.
Work in public collections and commissions include:
The  Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Arts Council England, the Edward James Foundation, Schroder's Finance, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Hospital Trust and the Embroiderer's Guild. 'Garden of Remembrance', (illustrated above) was a commission for the Garden Museum London 2014 (this piece is the front cover for her book, 'Stitch Stories'). It is an example of a commissioned project inspired by the collection at the museum (and the surrounding garden). Additional  work in collaboration with a related community-based project between the museum education team and Age UK Bromley and Greenwich, and Timebank. Memories of gardens in war. 
Medway Gap, Private collector, Australia.

Genesis 8:28, Private Commission

I was touched to receive the following comment and delightful image of the work in situ from the recipient of a piece of work recently commissioned to celebrate a significant birthday.

I just want to send you a heartfelt thanks for To a Blackbird . The piece evokes so many emotions. I love the way you interpreted my various interests and wove in the themes - the blackbird, the roses and the words of one of my favourite poets Paddy Kavanagh. All of these are a big part of my own life now but also bring me right back to my childhood gardens and the roses grown by my mother and grandmother and also the area of my birth and the natural world of my early life on a farm. I keep discovering little things that I hadn’t seen and can see just how much care and work that you put into this beautiful piece. I’m so happy with it. 
To a Blackbird; Private commission.

Wattle Bird (one of three pieces in the Diana Springall British Collection

Dutch Blue (private collector)


Red Bowl, Private Collector

Two Cranes (private collector)

Bluebell 100x100cm Represented in the Embroiderer's Guild Collection
This piece remembers childhood walk through local woodland with my father in Norfolk.

Handkerchief, Snowdrop features in Stitch Stories (private collector)

Bird Cage (private collector in the USA)

Cuttings 4 (one of a series of 5) with a private collector. This piece comments of the views from a regular local railway journey.   
Installation of works as part Canterbury Festival as part of Runnymede Revisited (in celebration of the signing of the Magna Carta) at St Peters Church on Oare. 
Bird Song. (Private Collector, Switzerland)
This commission  uses a vintage wedding dress belonging to the mother of the new owner and a wonderful letter of thanks from the new owner:
'My parents appreciated the simple things in life and had to work hard. They enjoyed the countryside and their garden. Mum loved her flowers and especially primroses, which she would take to my Dad when he became ill. She grieved deeply for him for the rest of her life, and sought comfort in things like the blackbird which would look from the shed roof into the kitchen, calling to her until she fed him. Mum’s favourite hymn was “All things bright an beautiful” which was played at her funeral. I have kept their Bibles which had been important to them in their youth and upon which they based their way of life. These things have been very sensitively worked into this piece, using not only things precious to me, also reflected in  materials given to Cas by other people.

Thank you so very much for the piece. It is really exquisite, and reflects Mum, and also Dad, beautifully. I am genuinely very moved by what you have done, and all that you have included. It wasn't till I got home that I saw what you had written on the back!! Simple, stunning and spot on. It is going to be treasured.'
 Willowherb and Jug private collector
I'd just like to write and say how pleased I am to be the owner of one of your works, at last. It has a personal meaning for me having known you and admired your work for a long time. Willowherb is hanging over my mantelpiece. Somehow it's presence has made the house feel even more like home.
 Laceweeds (Sold)

What a treat to have these beautiful pieces. Whilst I have admired your work for some time via images on the internet the pieces are so much more up close. The depth and layering is invisible in photographs but when seen in reality the works have a delicate substance and subtle beauty that you really can't appreciate from a computer image. I am so delighted - and fortunate - to have them. The pieces have cheered my day and will give me pleasure every time I look at them. Thank you.  (Helen from Australia)
Iris Shadows, detail, private collector Switzerland

Work on loan to DMH Stallard in Crawley organised through Frickleton Fine Art
A visitor to my studio:
I was very thrilled and energised to view your work - and impressed at your enormous output - competing with Turner for quantity! I was fascinated by the exquisite detail: your thought- processes in blending different media with your skilful needlecraft and your approach to colour - some so glorious, some so 'naturelle', some duplicating the muted shades of nature or atmosphere. All your work seems to require the viewer to interact on a mental level to connect with your ideas as you created the work.  As a result, I was, therefore, delighted to have the opportunity of seeing some of your sketch books, and felt very privileged to be invited into your 'holy-of-holies' - your studio and your attic den - to appreciate the beauty of some of the work, and to experience the thought provoking aspect of other pieces. THANK YOU... It was like a bottle of champagne to the mind and has certainly re-invigorated my intentions to get back into my own art-world. 
Sylvia Hammond(...not sure about the Turner comment -no one compares to him). 
'Natural History'. Text, images and found materials reflecting the locality of and history of Sevenoaks, commissioned for Kaleidoscope Museum, Library and Gallery complex. The project also included exhibition and workshops in the gallery developing individual projects and themes.
Place in Time, Princess Royal Hospital, Orpington. Incorporating images sourced by patients and staff.
Remnants from not so Ordinary Lives' (shown here on the top left at Maidstone studios) in two private collections (two pieces are a centrepiece for a reception area)  The owner, of one piece is also a teacher from, California also uses the work in the classroom:
'I have to tell you that your piece hanging in my classroom today drew the kids in.  I could hear oohs and ahhs as they can into the room.  And the neatest thing was watching them get up close to see all the wonderful stitching/printing/collaging, etc.  And then asking permission to touch.  They just really needed to touch your piece as I did several times today.  It looks so transparent and is so lightweight, not what we are used to producing here. It's a very magical piece.'I am thrilled the work is both loved for itself and as a teaching tool
'Fen', West Malling Kings Hill (temporary Installation supported by Arts and Business, Liberty Property Trust and
Corn-Field public collector.

All images and text copyright Cas Holmes
All rights reserved.


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