Framed Memories

I have had a whirlwind week of workshops finishing with a really good day at Maidstone Museum in the 'Framed Memories' workshop. Taking inspiration from family and personal images, and the patterns of stitch in the wonderful Red Cross quilts in the Quilts, Comfort from Kindness exhibition in the Bentlif Gallery participants made the most wonderful samplers in paper and cloth.
The piece on the left is a work in progress by Anna Mansi who is the organisor of this wonderful touring memory of quilts. Images of the workshop pieces by kind permission of the students.
The exhibition continues until Saturday 23rd in the main Bentliff Gallery and a small
installation of my work in the costume gallery.


I also ran a Drawing for Textiles course at West Dean College. Examples of students work can be seen on my workshops and education pages. These samples of stitch and mark in progress are by Linda Bundfuss and Helen Mason.

Working in collaboration in this way is an ongoing part of my practice and is reflected in my forthcoming book about collaborative textiles,  'Connected Cloth', which is co-authored with Anne Kelly. It will be available from 3 September 2013. This announcement comes at the same time  I am informed that 'The Found Object in Textile Art' is out of stock at Batsford/Anova and will need reprinting for a third run. 
Natural Histories exhibition at Farnham Maltings Cas Holmes  Giant Hogweed (background), Anne Kelly, Whole Moth Tablecloth (forground).


Your book "The Found Object in Textile Art" has just arrived and I'm so pleased. I want to let you know how I believe this book will become a wonderful companion to me in the studio this Spring and Summer. I first fell in love with your piece "Bee Mapping" and followed up visiting your website and then ordered this "The Found Object". Thank you in advance for this informative book and I look forward to following your blog and purchasing this next book you will be offering.
Mary Ann
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