Hop-Kins at Whose Hoo Festival

Hop-Kins will one of several art installations on show at the Whose Hoo Festival on Saturday 13th May at Slough Fort

“Hop-pickers were known as hoppers. I was drawn to the huts where the hoppers lived, reflecting on the life of my Romany grandmother and generations of her family as they came to work on the hop fields during the century before the Second World War. My great-grandmother would have made the hut homely for her family, furnishing it with fabrics and utensils that were beautiful as well as functional. My work Hop-Kins uses some of the vintage fabrics I remember from my grandmother’s home. My portrait image appears as a reflection in the storyboards about the life of the hop-pickers.”

I got to see the Magdelena Abakanowicz exhibition at the Tate Awe during the week Awe inspiring sentinals of woven forms. Loved her drawings in ink, goache and charcoal equally. Go visit if you can on until 21st May


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