Getting the Garden


Cas Holmes, The Garden, 2022. 77cm x 70cm (30″ x 27½”). Painted and dyed vintage materials, collage, machine and hand stitch. Vintage cloth, dye, paint, thread, images transferred from a gardening magazine.

I was pleased to be able to contribute to the article 'Getting Started with New Work'  written by Heidi Ingram for Textile Artist alongside artists Nigel Cheney, Emily Jo Gibbs, Sabine Kaner and Sue Stone. In the article we share some of our artworks and find out the inspiration behind them. 

'She (Cas) had to find a new balance, as both artist and carer, and so she began to adapt her work to a smaller landscape – her home surroundings. However, her process remained the same: Cas still sketches and makes notes to record her travels, even within this smaller environment. In the quieter times, she stitches or spends an hour marking and layering her collections of cloth and paper.During this time, Cas has gained a new-found respect for the often-overlooked aspects of everyday life, like the edges of the footpath on her daily walks in the park, and the places where the home and garden meet the outside world.'  Heidi Imgram

Thinking of the garden and referring to the everyday as a source of inspiration is part of the foundation for my course Making Connections – Mark, Layer & Stitch with Fibre Art Takes Two. Enrolments open up soon at the end of April. You can register your interest here 

I have been able to work on a few projects this month including an online workshop 'Working with Words', part of the Embroiderer's Guild workshop and talk series.

And equally delighted to be able to set up some be-spoke workshops with existing project partners and colleagues including a few planned locally in-place as well as virtually.

Finally but not least. It was wonderful to be able to get to the 'Meet the Artist' at the Fibre and Form exhibtion at Nucleus Arts Centre. Thankyou to my fellow artists for their support. The piece below is called 'Absence'


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