Marking the Positive: Life Goes On

I was so pleased to be marking the publication of Embroidering the Everyday, for Batsford books this time last year little knowing life at home was about to change. My life partner Derek had a massive stroke. We have worked on his recovering as much mobility as he can and I have needed to learn how to adapt my creative practice. I finally feel able to celebrate the books publication.

Support from good friends, the brilliant NHS and professional colleagues, means a year on we are in a better place despite the struggles.

I recorded the things of change as I worked in the garden. The secateurs were the first things I saw on the table left there from Derek's pruning just the day before rushed to hospital. This formed the first of the stitching I was able to do in short spaces of time as I did undertake many tasks I had not needed to do before. The small pockets of creative time proved so necessary for my for my own well being

One of those tasks, working in the garden became a 'comfort' as I continued the Autumn work he had begun. As we progressed through winter, I felt able to focus a little more in the evenings and stitched pieces onto cloth which finally came together as 'Derek's Garden.

For those unable to see the tour Gypsy Maker 4 in Wales in 2020 some of the pieces were shown at the Festival of Quilts in 2021 as part of the exhibition ‘Found’ with Art Textiles Made in Britain. The next venue is at the Forge Mill Needles Museum, 16th September -30th October.

Working patterns have changed, as have the things we value

Creativity in adversity is possible.


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