London and Sweet September


Last week was a chance to get out and about for a while whilst Derek was attending the Upper Limb programme at UCLH. I spend most of the time walking and drawing. Sadly however,  sweet September proved to have another surprise in store for us. Derek had a fall over the weekend and is now recovering from hip surgery. He is positive and was continuing his arm exercises on his bed.

This time last week, I was in the Mall which was certainly a lot emptier than the previous week.

 I enjoyed a walk around Regents Park and the Frieze Sculpture 2022  curated by Clare Lilley (Yorkshire Sculpture Park Director) for the tenth consecutive year

Below is Péju Alatise  Sim and the Yellow Glass Birds, 2022 

Jordy Kerwick, Vertical Plane Me, 2022 

During one downpour on Friday I dived into the British Museum and took in the signs, patterns and symbols in the Egyptian, and Middle Eastern Galleries for an hour.

I, as my dad would have said, 'walked for Britain'.
And will save my 'London Sketchbook' for my next visit.


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