Exhibition in Antwerp Places, Spaces, Traces

I am pleased to announce  my exhibtion and installation Places, Spaces, Traces will be on show on to Sint Anna-ten-Drieën from 19th June to the 25 September.

Supported by the organisation Anna 3, the exhibition reflects on our concept of place and the commonalities we have as people. With migration, changes in our working lives and increasing opportunities to travel, our certainty about who we are and where we fit in is often unsure.

Empty Vessels (detail)

A major part of the project will contain the installation, The Shipping Forecast and Empty Vessels, previously exhibited on LV21 and at R-Space Gallery Lisburn and the communal project  What We Value, What We MIss.

What We Miss, What We Value installation on board LV21

Contributions have been sent in from all over the world with some people working individually and others participating as group projects Over the last 2 years have followed guidelines so that we could safely interact with those we work and meet as well as our family and friends. These pieces reflect on the things we have missed and value in our daily lives and interactions.

I have been humbled to have been able to experience the individual pieces and projects first-hand as I unwrapped them as they told their own stories. I give my greatest thanks to those individuals, some work can be seen in the images above. Equally to the various projects listed below for their valid contribution. 

Anna-3 and local Antwerp community

BHobien Textile Group

Crossroads Textile Project led by Monique Gilbert

52 Stitched Stories led by Fiona Doubleday and the isle of Arran Community

Participants who visited LV21 and R-Space Galleries

On-line contributors and members of 'What We Miss, What We Value', who provided some of the text in the installation and created small pieces.

A special thanks to the Romani Cultural and Arts Company where the concept for this project was launched as part of the Meet the Artist Session for Gypsy Maker 4

I will share the work on-line in due course via Facebook and Instagram

The project will be returning to the UK for an exhibtion in 2023. More will be revealed at a later date.


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