Embroidering the Everyday a happy publication day

Today sees the publication of my new book Embroidering the EverydayI am grateful to all the artists who have contributed and whose wonderful works have enriched the narrative.  Thanks also goes to the marvellous design and editorial  team at Batsford publications whose support and faith have encouraged me to keep going, and to friends, family and followers of my work who have supported me on this journey.  

A special thanks also goes to my photographer Jacqui Hurst for such beautiful images and to my editor, Kristy Richardson.  I cannot beleive we organised the photoshoot via Zoom and delivered the artworks by post.

Finally, thankyou to Deena Beverley for placing together the words to create an insightful foreward to the book which underlines  that there is 'a little bit of beautiful  everyday gratitude we can all enjoy and share' 

On the day of publication my copy of Embroidery Magazine came through the door. Thankyou for the lovely little reveiw I found inside.

Health and the Climate and Ecological Emergency Exhibition

Climate change is the greatest global health threat facing the world in the 21st century – the impacts will be felt all around the world – and not just in some distant future but in our lifetimes and those of our children.”
— The Lancet Countdown

I am delighted to be exhibiting at the University College London Hospital’s Health and the Climate & Ecological Emergency exhibtion organised by the Healthcare Art Collective. The collective is a group of healthcare workers who are united by their
concerns about the climate and ecological crisis .

You can see the full launch event on vimeo. The artworks gallery is about 35 minutes in. The whole discussion is well worth listening to.

An image of my piece in the exhibition North Kent Marshes features below.

Finally I was back at West Dean College last week working away with students exploring the local landscape or landscapes we connect to personally. The grounds of West Dean Gardens are a healing place to walk and explore and contrasted with the energy and exploration in the studio. 

The group was so happy to be together in such a creative environment. This wonderful image of my laughing at something on the final day of the workshop just about sums up the joy.
Picture taken by Kate Lockwood at West Dean College

I am currently making updates on forthcoming courses and exhibitions on my website and look forward to being back at West Dean in December.


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