Found and For The Love of Gaia at Festival of Quilts

This last year has been one of reflection, creative re-use of materials as well as a response to locality and place. It is therefore appropriate that I find my work being exhibited in two galleries looking at similar themes at the Festival of Quilts 

'The concept of ‘Found’ has proven to be a highly exciting source of inspiration for Art Textiles Made in Britain and particularly rich in meaning – from revealed strata to found fabrics from the past that evoke memories and connection. Other ideas have come from the natural world and climate change, objects that have been lost and now found, or plastics and waste products, which have been recycled and embellished to create objects of beauty.

Each member has sought to find a personal aspect of the revealed and discovered worlds near to their hearts

I am equally delighted to have a piece of work, ‘The Downs: Wind Torn’ featured in “For the Love of Gaia” first shown at the International Quilt Museum, Nebraska will also be at the Festival of Quilts this summer.

The exhibition was conceived by guest curator Luana Rubin in partnership with the museum:  For our families, our communities, the planet Earth and all her inhabitants, we have something to say. We listen to the sacred stories of indigenous people, and we celebrate the beauty of our world. 

Some of the works represented in these exhibitions will also feature in my next publication for Batsford Books, Embroidering the Everyday,  due for release in September


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