Looking Back, Looking Forward 2020-21

After a year of change as we spent much of our time at home, going out to our local neighbourhoods for exercise and leisure became the norm. I spent a lot of my time  cycling or walking my local parks, or out in the Kent countryside, to draw and get fresh air. As I adapted I explored, and spent the summer, trying out ideas and processes, following an inner train of thought with no clear direction on how things may translate for future work or projects. I hope you have found time for yourself and to be creative.

Mote park studies 

The world became silent for a short while of the sound of human movement and the sounds of nature more noticed.  A time to question 'What we value', as well as what we missed. It was heartening to see our communities supporting each other at this time when so many face extreme hardship and challenges to their well-being and health.

This time last year I was busy getting ready for the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival  with Art Textiles Made in Britain as well as preparing for the launch ofGypsy Maker 4 with the Romani Cultural and Arts Council.  I did get to Japan but little did we all know then that by March all events and exhibitions would be cancelled, rescheduled or moved on-line.I was delighted to exhibit in "For the Love of Gaia" at the International Quilt Museum Nebraska and also to hear a related work North Westerly has received, an award of excellence from the 11th Biennial from Lausanne to Beijing exhibition

Working with people plays big part in my working life and it was this loss of sharing a teaching space which left me feeling at odds with myself. Initially 'Tech' was hard to come and I filmed and delivered my first free workshop demonstrations with Textileartist and for West Dean College by phone and tablet. 

 I received the Tutor Award for my work with Kent Adult Education in July 2020. and have also been doing a small amount of teaching and mentoring virtually by invitation. 

I left Kent for Harwich and took my first train journey to hold my only live workshop In August with the Old Bank Studios. It reminded me how much I miss the sea.

As we move forward into 2021 for once, I feel unable to project what I will be doing, I know what I have planned so whilst I remain in hope, I remain prepared for change. Thankyou for your continued support and interest in my work

I wish you the best for New Year and hope to be able to join you in a real space soon for a cuppa and a play.


Sharron Lea said…
Thank you for posting your thoughts, and congratulations for your Tutor Award. I especially enjoyed reading about your hope for the future (whatever it might bring), and how you spent time during summer trying out ideas and processes.
Cas Holmes said…
Thankyou Sharron Lea
Angie Heni said…
Kia ora / Hi Cas Holmes, congratulations on your award and Happy New Year to you. It is an absolute joy to be able to follow you and view your beautiful artwork. I purchased your Textile Landscape-Painting With Cloth in Mixed Media book and it is such a pleasure to read & so inspiring too.

Thank you for sharing your talents & beautiful textile art.

Cas Holmes said…
Hello Angie I hope oyu see tis as google does not appear to allow me to reply directly. Thankyou for your kind comments on Textile Landscape and my work. These make the year we have had a little more joyful. x

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