Family Ties

Delighted with this sensitively written profile interview by Deena Beverley in the current issue of Embroidery Magazine

The feature image is called Tan which means Place. 'Aitchin Tan' means the 'Stopping Place' points along the routes where my grandmother's family pulled in to rest overnight. This nomad may have been stilled as we all seemed to have stopped during the last few months. This picture reminds me we have our own connection to place and stories to tell.
I am in good company with Alice Fox and Ekta Kaul and Anne Kelly (who features on the front cover) amongst many featured artists. Thankyou Jo Hall

I created a layered silk. cloth and paper self portrait over oil printed image of my great-grandmother. I am reminded I am her today because of my connection to the past and she like many others, were facing similar circumstances to those we face today.
This stop frame video on Youtube tell the story of my constructing and deconstructing with machine and hand stitch creating the piece from a hand-drawn self portrait sitting in the same pose as my Great-grandmother

Finally, I am pleased to announce that the Re-Think exhibition by Arts Textiles Made in Britain at Farfield Mill is now open to the public. Further information on this Crafts Council link.  Please follow current government  guidance


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