We are Living in a Virtual World

I can almost hear Madonna's lyrics to Material Girl as I sit her writing this blog. I had just graduated when this early hit came out in 1984. Certainly a song that reflects that decade. In  my case, translate material as cloth, and virtual needs no explanation. This interview with Dover Arts Development is part of a series focusing on what their project artists have been doing during this time.

I have just completed the last few live sessions of Drawing and Painting  with Kent Adult Education and am taking a break until September to focus on my own work and projects.

Beyond the Festival of Quilts  goes virtual with it opening on Thursday 30th July, 12 noon, with the announcement of the Virtual Quilt Awards. Live Masterclasses, and lots of free content including short workshops and guides, galleries and access to your favourite shopping. I will be there with something....earlier I was filming, one handed, and waiting for the sun to move.
I will be working with TextileArtist on a Stitch Club project during the first week of August. I am really looking forward to meeting some of you there.
It has been good to start scheduling in some workshops for the Autumn Winter period including Hope and Elvis in October and a Winter School at West Dean Collage All workshop dates as they come in will be posted on my website. Time for a cycle


Mariss Stevens said…
You are so busy it leaves me breathless. Thank you for the generous inspiration you have given on Beyond the Festival of Quilts and through the TextileArtist community challenge and Stitch Club.
Cas Holmes said…
You are welcome
LeeTh said…
I have just finished my weekly project in the stitchclub and found the momigami fascinating. To think that paper could be so pleasing to touch and stitch in. Thank you for opening my eyes to your world and help me be more creative. I love your views on many topics. You seem like a wonderful person. I will continue to peep into your world to keep my spirit going. Thanks again Cas and good luck with future projects. Sincerely, Lee
Cas Holmes said…
Thankyou LeeTh for your kind comments

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