Wake Up

As we wake up on a beautiful Spring morning with a sky free of vapour trails it is hard to take in that so much has changed in the last few days. Many of the thing we have all do as part of our daily life, meeting friends, seeing family, work and all the enjoyable things we look forward to doing have been curtailed in recent days. Things are changing fast yet, at the same time, the world as becoming eerily quiet. We are all working in unknown territory here and the uncertainty this brings is challenging. 
I intend to continue to create and stay in touch with family and friends as much as is possible whilst working at home.  As we all move through the days and weeks ahead as a community we need to support those who are working tirelessly on our behalf to provide essential services and in accordance with guidelines from the Department of Health.  In these difficult times I urge you all to look after each other, remain well, be creative and kind. Access to some of the things we enjoy, the arts, our gardens and friendship is more important than ever.

Maybe we have the strength of our previous generations to calmly face what comes and prepare for the change the future brings. 


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