Social Distancing Stitches..Staying at Home

As I work in my studio in the garden, for once 'staying home' 
I wanted to let you know that I will be taking part in the Community Stitch Challenge, from Monday 30 March with Textileartist. It follows on from Sue Stone's fabulous launch last week. I am calling the exercise 'Social Distancing Stitch' and will focus on looking at the everyday things we have around us. Please feel free to join me in this free challenge.
During this time my thoughts turn to the NHS staff, and other key workers working hard to keeping us safe, fed and warm. For many in the global community this is a far more challenging time and where fresh drinking water is harder to come by and simply washing hands is more difficult. Creative people have found that events, performances, teaching and exhibitions have all but disappeared. It’s a tough time for everyone as our lives change. Small businesses and the self-employed are particularly vulnerable to the impact of these necessary changes. I am equally heartened however, of how resourceful everyone is, and social media has become a blessing of communication. This is where the creative industries are still proving their value and sharing their skills in providing suggestions for activities whilst staying home.

This week would have seen the opening of Gypsy Maker 4 at the Rug Gallery in Cardiff. I am very proud of being part of this ground-breaking concept devised, owned and developed by the Romani Cultural and Arts Company. We will reschedule
Who could have seen a month ago most of the population movement so restricted as we work together for the benefit of all?

The Image on the left is Pani Kekkavva (Kettle) Rose 2019, 

I am thrilled to be in the latest edition of Stitch magazine. My project, The Wasteland and is good companion to the Stitch Challenge. If you go digital, you can get three issues for £5.

Finally, I am trying to get to grips with updating some items on my small shop. Please be aware I am adhering to Government guidelines, you will get things ordered but they may take longer. For anyone who orders anything I will donate 10% of my sales to Shelter or Plantlife.
Remember, Social Distancing, does not mean 'distant,' Self Isolation need not mean 'lonely'. Stay Safe, Stay at Home.



susana said…
your work is wonderful! And thank you for the inspiration .
CraftyCaLynn said…
Hi Cas! You may remember my comment from over at - I followed your direction and included a cat ( I've only finally gotten around to googling all the artists and adding ya'll to my feedly list so I can continue to be inspired by you. The more I see of your style of art, the more I am drawn into it! Thanks so much for sharing what you do:D

Cas Holmes said…
Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are keeping well x
Cas Holmes said…
Thankyou for you kind comment.
mimu said…
This is so delicate, beautiful, and reflective in lots of ways. Your workshop is a great treat that is leading me on and on-so much to make-so little time-i do need Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours-now that I am 75-my dear friend and mother-in-law, who passed away at 100, became an award winning basket maker, making her first basket at 73. One stitch at a time... not on my way to award-winning but to better and better-this workshop experience is so wonderful
stay well and thank you for your generous time and sharing of your gift,
Amy Mimu Rubin
Cas Holmes said…
Thankyou Mimu for your kind comments
Alison H said…
More thanks from me, via Textile Artist workshop- everyone is so generous in sharing their ideas!
Life is richer for crumpling and creating- and getting a balance of reading blogs , seeking ideas and getting into the process- thanks to everyone- now off to play!- and relive precious memories of Scottish travels through creative journeys!
Thank you for generous sharing!
Alison H
Alison H said…
Thank you Cas for all your generous sharing and inspiration via TextileArtist.
I’m happily getting a balance of trolling blogs and creating own pieces!
Alison H
Cas Holmes said…
You are most welcome Alison. I hope you get to see thus reply. Blogger does not seem to allow individual replies to comments now for some reason. Stay safe and well. X
Mimiblue said…
Nous voilà de nouveau contraints à rester à la maison. Pour ceux qui ne s'ennuient jamais, pour ceux qui produisent quelque chose artistiquement ou artisanalement, cela ne pose aucun problème. Seuls ceux qui ne savent pas rester tranquilles avec eux-mêmes s'ennuieront mais s'ils restent chez eux, ils auront quand même aidé à fabriquer une tranquillité sanitaire indispensable. Ce sera leur oeuvre !!!
Cas Holmes said…
It is indeed challenging @mimiblue stay safe

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