I am in the 'Wilder West of the USA for a few weeks. A land where I am really noticing Autumn arriving in the glorious sunsets. It is reported the sunsets have more purple in them because of  recent volcanic eruptions in islands between Japan and Russia.
Sunset in Tuscon
Red Rocks and Sunset and Sunrise in Sedona
Biscuit Scrabble with Front Range Contemporary Quilters . Work in progress and beautiful threads below.

I visited an exhibition Evolving Perceptions work by the regional SAQA members at the Foothills Arts Center in Golden on until 6th October.
Aunt Gin, Margaret Abramshe, Aunt Gin
High Plains Judith Duffield, Deconstructed Silk Screen Dye
Christi Beckman, Fabric-Stitch-Plexi with Regina Benson in background
Barbara Olsen, Where Do I End and You Begin?

Views from my tree house in the mountains of Boulder.

Finally but not least I am delighted to be featured in the October/November edition of Quilting Arts Magazine.


Barwitzki said…
Fantastisk ... ha det hyggelig :-)))
Wonderful ... have a great time.
Best regards to you.

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