Cold Spring Heating Up

This April certainly gave us a cold surprise a few days ago yet within the space of a few days we go to a record breaking Easter Sunday. I started the month in a very windy and relatively cool Malta. In early Spring, the landscape was green and full of  wildflowers as well as Olive and Fig trees
A succession of powers having contested and ruled the islands of Malta, including the Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Aragonese, Knights of St. John, French, and British. The architecture and landscape reflects these influences on the country's ancient culture.
 St Bathomolew's Church Gharghur
Fort St Elmo's Valetta
British and French Architecture, Valetta
Malta became a British colony in 1815, serving as a way station for ships and the headquarters for the British Mediterranean Fleet. It played an important role in the Allied war effort during the Second World War, and was subsequently awarded the George Cross for its bravery in the face of an Axis siege.

Fisherman's huts in the shadows of the Valletta's harbour walls.By the end of the week I was in King's Lynn with a very cold waterside area. 
Trinity Guildhall
 The flint chequerboard pattern of the Trinity Guildhall
The Customs House
Really enjoyed my visit the the exhibition Water Rising at the superb Groundwork Gallery

The artworks reflect upon the relationship we have to water and issues of sustainability where strong evidence suggests water level continue to rise. With the vast estuary and nature reserve of 'The Wash' close by the issues relating to Global Warming to wildlife and habitat will be keenly felt in this internationally important landscape. A conference is organised for the 17th May well timed in relation to the concerns raised by the Extinction Rebellion movement.
Work by Stuart Hearn in the foreground and Peter Mathews in the background.
 Peter Mathews,

Further details on all the artists involved in the exhibition including Susan Hiller one of the key exhibitors in the show can be found here.
Susan Hiller, Rough Moonlit Nights (Courtesy of the Lisson Gallery)

Finally, Painting with Cloth continues until 19th May at Rochester Art Gallery. I will be in residence on Saturday 4th May during the Sweep's Festival. Dictio Terrarum below records some of my landscape drawings made on location as I travelled in the last two years. They are on a book pages connected to the landscape.
Wild by Art Textiles Made in Britain moves to the Minerva Arts Centre, Llanidloes, Wales from the 4th May to 1st June.


spabbygirl said…
Beautiful Car!!! I hope spring is properly here now
Cas Holmes said…
Well nearly, as only it can, a brief spell of Artic winds.

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