Nadeltwelt, the Green in Urban Karlsruhe and a Few Strange Critters

I have a rare week where I have been able to  explore in my studio and garden and reflect back on the last month. I started with a show at Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe, Germany. I was so busy so found it hard to get away from my space and take other galleries in other than for a brief lunch break.The Quilt Angels and visiting friends meant I was able to talk about my work (and do a quick stretch and a walk). The very was very well organised and the exhibition space beautifully lit with natural daylight. Below are a few images of my space including the ongoing installation Tea Flora Tales which will be at the Knitting and Stitching Show later in the year.

I did manage to take a couple of pictures of other exhibits and was thrilled to meet up with some old friends. It good to see Indian Journal on show in Stuff for Thought organised by Heidi Drahota. This exhibition was first shown at the Human Rights Office in Nuremberg and will be at the Festival of Quilts later in the year.
A number of European artists were on show. I apologise for not having more images (in some cases images were not permitted or I simply did not have the means for taking an image with me. These are some from exhibitors close to my stand. 

I was also interviewed for Textile Art magazine.

The green spaces interleaved amongst the buildings around the hotel where I was staying made for good walking in the mornings and evenings. The botanic gardens were not far away and loved the bonsai in spaces around a building and the sculpture. The grasses in the final building are outside the conference centre where Nadelwelt is held.

I am preparing for workshops in West Dean and the French Alps next month and need to get back to the studio to make 'stuff' but cannot resist sharing some of partner's sketches. While away in Australia I often shared my strange critter experiences with my hubby Derek as part of my daily phone call. He made his own interpretations of them. These are a few of my favourites which bring me back to each encounter. 


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