Days of Future...Past

The Moody Blues, Days of Future Passed. I grew up with that album playing in the background of my youth and I cannot believe how it is only now I really appreciate the sentiment in the music. Valuing each day before they pass to quickly and now I blink and a day is gone rather than the thousand years it felt in my childhood.

Enough sentiment, January is the start of the year and it was launched with a lovely interview by Karen Hollocks  in Pretty Patches Magazine. in which she discusses how my father influenced the way I take a look at the world.

Back to work with the best of all starts a meeting with my editor at Batsford/Pavilion and Jacqui Hurst photographer to discuss the shoot for my next book Textile Landscape: Painting with Cloth. This is my fourth book and the writing and decision making remains as complex and rewarding as ever. The book will be launched at several exhibitions and events planned over the year which also includes some exciting news about Tea Flora Tales.
Delighted to have supported Rowan's Hospice and Making Space in the Power of Tin auction in mid January. This little piece, Woodland Edge, part of a series themed: 'Landscape in a Tin' was printed on a tin sheet and sits in an old cigar tin.

Preparations for my trip to Australia in March are under way. Courses filled pretty quickly with Fibre Arts Australia so have squeezed in a couple of additional spaces at the Hub Creative Space in Townsville 22-24 March.
I am so excited to be meeting up with friends and getting creative 'down under'. Even so, thinking on 'Moody Blues' the days of the future will soon pass and I have just confirmed a creative teaching trip with Arts and Cultural travel to Italy in October (message me if you want any further details of any workshops)

'Concealed' with Art Textiles Made in Britain at Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery finishes on 10 February. A few glimpses of the show here. We have received visitors from all over the UK and indeed, one person flew in from Germany to see it. Thankyou for your welcome comments. A few pics from Meet the Artists in December
Rachel, Edwina and Sandra
 Christine, Stef, Hilary and Rosie
Cas, Rosie,
Ineke, Rosie, Pauline, Sylvia
 Looking at Tea Flora Tales
No not about to swear but rather the third exhibition coming up in Whitstable by the Profanity Embroidery Group  from the 14-20th February at the Fishslab Gallery.

I have sneak preview here of one or two pieces in progress which are themed around the ideas of misheard song lyrics. Sure to be intriguing. Take in Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ at the Turner Contemporary  artists work based on the poem The Waste Land by TS Eliot at the same time.
 Bridget Carpenteer
 Susan Jessett
Amanda Tennant

“On Margate Sands.

I can connect
Nothing with nothing.”
(T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land)


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