From Conception to Creation and on to Caring Hands

Creating work with limited resources sometimes leads to an unexpected outcomes.
Board in studio photo by Richard Torble photography 

As we move through to Autumn I am drawn to the fact that not only are the days getting colder but also the available daylight is lessening in intensity and time. I like to stitch and do my colour work in daytime so need to manage my time effectively. Working with restrictions on my space, time and even materials can, in fact, liberate rather than constrict my ideas and lead to unexpected outcomes. This is discussed in more detail on my recent article  From Conception to Creation on Textile Artist as part of a series of interviews looking behind the artist's process.

Sometimes these limitations are out of our control or choice I recently worked on a project with ‘at risk’ and homeless  adults in partnership with Caring Hands and Nucleus Arts in the Medway Towns. The project, situated in Chatham provide vulnerable people with  access to the essentials required for them to survive, from food to showers to advice and activities.  A friendly hand of help to those who need it.

We made ‘Note tins’ to provide individuals with a small waterproof notebook or even sketchbook at the same time participants were also able to engage and chat across the table whilst learning new skills. Thankyou to a few individuals and the manager at Argos in Maidstone who provided some of the materials required (some of you bright eyed amongst may recognise some former copies of WOW magazine which were published in the Medway towns until recently by Emma Dewhurst). Thrilled to say that Art Textile Made in Britain opens their exhibition Concealed at Maidstone Museum Next month bringing their work to the South for the first time. Will report on this in a future blog.
Recent cycle rides through the park on my way to teach at my local Adult Education Centre draws my attention back to the trees as I enjoy the bones of their trunks and branches against the glow of leaves and mist. Certainly colder. 

Some of these ideas may even figure in my next publication with Batsford due out next year. More news to follow.


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