Knitting and Stitching Show, Page 17 and Campaign for Creativity

I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show over the Weekend (which is next at Harrogate) and was able to take in Page 17 organised by the Embroiderer's Guild. A unique body of work by members who bring the words of Page 17 of their current favourite book to life. This is a unique and exciting display of work which was proving popular with the visitors. A few snippets are included below (apologies for not naming the artists and work, there are so many pieces)

Edges of Australia. (my Page 17)

One of the most compelling exhibits in terms of need was the Campaign for Creativity organised by Twisted Thread and supported by the Embroiderer's Guild. Anthea Godfrey, Artistic Director of The Embroiderers' Guild, said: “The rigid nature of the national curriculum provides little opportunity or time for children to express themselves creatively, artistically or professionally. Creativity is vital to child development, not only as a means of expression and communication but to support life skills such as problem-solving, strategic thinking and resilience. Creative thinkers hold the key to the UK’s future success, not just in culture and the arts but across business and industry too. To enable creative students to have opportunities to select, embrace and qualify in creative subjects incrementally in the same pathway development as scientists, lawyers, doctors and others is vital in their long term development.” I urge you sign the petition. (Read more about the campaign here.)

Finally, but not least, a little about the galleries. There are many including Ann Small, Jo Beattie, Diana Harrison, Rachael Howard,  Haf Weighton, Sarah Waters, Studio 21,The Graduate Showcase and Royal School of Needlework. You can see more on the Harrogate listing. I had little time to visit so once again a report on the few I was able to take in.

Studio 21 presented a personal favourite, The Sewing Machine Project.The group worked on this theme for two years and subjects range from sewing machine mechanics, decoration and operation to personal, cultural, political and social histories. A comprehensive body of work that reflects their personal interest in this transformational machine.
 Denise Jones
 Liz Heywood
 Sandra Meech
Debbie Lyddon

Diana Harrison presented a selection of past exhibition projects, together with a new collection in her sublime exhibition Traces in Cloth which demonstrated the depth of her research and process. 

Next door was Rachael Howard's vibrant 'Red Work' exhibition of large-scale figurative work inspired by 19th century redwork story quilts – for her, the Instagram of their day.. 
The day went quickly. It was good to catch up with friends, see some stuff and have a day of not doing things that 'had to be done'.  All too soon I was winding my way to the rail station.


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