Faust to Salvation..all in the nature of textiles

I have been on my travels again and it seems as if I have been moving between the Saints and the Devil.  I was back in Freiburg with Quiltstar where I am currently exhibiting in an exhibition 'Inspiration Natur' until 29 September with Monika Schiwy, Isabelle Wiessler, Sophie Maechler (of Quiltstar) sneak peak:
Isabelle, Monika, Cas
Daisy, Daisy and been transplanted to a new home.

A review in Textile Art Berlin Magazine here

Not that there is anything devilish about my time there except for the weather which was Faustian in both heat and the resulting thunderstorm. It is claimed that the castle overlooking Staufen (and the workspace) was destroyed has a result of Faust conducting alchemical experiments involving explosives? Faust (c1480 - 1539), an actual historical figures sparked legends in his own day, In Goethe's version one of the chief devils, Mephistopheles, whom Faust had called his brother-in-law, broke Faust's  neck and committed his soul to eternal damnation.
As always though, my German hosts and friends created a wonderful atmosphere and equally adventurous work.I was somewhat pleased to end my stay back with the Saints in St Ulrich and alongside my friend Monika added images to the marks on the wall in the messy studio 

I finished my time with a peaceful walk in the local allotments in Freiburg close to Hexental (the Valley of the Witches) and walking around the neighbourhood.

(In June, I was happy to back to he lovely little island of Jersey  under the invitation of the Harbour Gallery where I ran workshops in St Aubins to a two day workshop as part of Contextual Art studies timed exam in Hautlieu school The resulting work was simply stunning and hung at St Saviour's Church..(see more on this video link) Keep on eye out for some great tutors and projects coming up

On another note, I am pleased to have work in an exhibition 'All That Remains', artists reflecting themes in their work in relation to the Titanic story. The work is a a private house near Chichester until 5 November. For further details or to book an appointment to see the exhibition please email Dr Sharon-Michi Kusunoki.
All That Remains Cas Holmes

Finally, I was pleased to be a Finalist for the Kent Creative Awards this year and a series of interviews is scheduled for Kent Creative Show on Channel Radio  Mine comes up on Tuesday 1st August at 4.00pm


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