The weather has been hotting up with some terrific thunderstorms. I have been out in the 'Wilds' of Wales and Devon since my last blog. Concealed with Art Textiles Made in Britain finished last week. This brief video introduces some of the work at the splendid Minerva Gallery.The last venue will be Maidstone Museum at the end of the year and will post an update nearer the timed. Just loved this bank of bluebells near Llanidloes where the gallery is situated.

I am delighted to be back with Quiltstar Gallery (and shop) in a group show 'Inspiration: Natur' with works also by Monica Schiwy, Isabelle Wiessler, Sophie Maechler  which opens event on 7th July 7.30pm. The exhibition continues until 29 September
Earlier in June I was in Honiton in Devon with Thimblestitch. I was able to visit the little lace museum. Loved the lace on Wallis Simpson's red dress.

A lacemaker charging £7 an hour would need to charge £16,000 for this veil. 
In a one day introduction to sketchbooks workshop we sat out in the wilds of an industrial estate to find things to draw and inspire the resulting work.
I have been working on new ideas for developing some 'Wild' work as well as finding time to watch the daisies grow. Enjoying looking at landscape themes as I work on my writing for the next book. I fear it is the calm before the storm. I am over to Jersey at the end of the month with the Harbour Gallery. The workshop filled quickly however you can check courses where I have an odd space free here.
Reclaimed Landscape studies above

Daisy, Daisy....Have a lovely summer


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