It has not been 'a Walk in The Park' .

As we reflect on 2016 we can truly say, for most, it has not been 'a Walk in the Park'. A year of extremes to say the least. It has been a fulfilling year full of friendship which has countered some difficult things on both a personal and global level. So let me begin by wishing you all the best for 2017 for all..we could do with it. 

I ended the year, as I started with drawing which has continued to be a focus this year. Thankyou to Helen Frost for supplying this lovely image of my hands hard at work at West Dean College.  where I was teaching earlier this month.
I heavy cold meant hearth and home over the Christmas season. By boxing day I was itching to get out and well wrapped up went for a walk in my local park.

I was thrilled to start the year as the cover girl for Cloth Paper Scissors before my guest exhibition at Visions Art Museum in San Diego.
This was followed by exhibitions with Art Textiles Made in Britain at the Festival of Quilts and a project Stuff For Thought a shared project of textile artist Heidi Drahota and the Human Rights Office of the City of Nuremberg.

As the Autumn turned to winter I exhibited locally in Kent and London.  While exhibiting with Books Pavilion  I was informed that all of my publications were going into reprint again at the same time. Loved the installation  of Tea Flora Tales from 'In the Pilgrim's Footsteps 'exhibition  (seen here with my Red Trees) at St Mary's Church Burham,  organised by textile artist Rosie James  

Detail of Tea Flora Tales. Thankyou to the individuals,  groups and Embroiderer's Guild members who have continued to  create pieces to support this project.

I gave short courses from as far afield as San Diego, France and Ireland as well as locally and nationally, including conservation linked projects with the Kent Wildlife Trust. As we move into 2017 workshops and exhibitions remain the core of my work.
I continue to enjoy the challenges these set for me and the opportunity to meet with new ideas, people and makers as well as re-affirm existing professional friendships. Thankyou to all who continue to support my work and bless you all with as many  new and exciting projects you wish for and the health of your family and friends.
Time for a cuppa.


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