Wildflowers at West Dean..back to nature

The relationship between landscape, nature, place and people have remained a constant in my practice and during a fleeting visit to West Dean last weekend the wonderful management of the gardens reminded me of what a delicate balance this is.

Whilst eating breakfast a friend (and student at the college) said to visit the Orchard mentioning that 'the wildflower meadows around the trees are just simple beautiful right now' and knowing my love for these pockets of nature suggested I make the time.

The gardens are  a little piece of horticultural heaven carefully managed by Head Gardener Jim Buckland  and a dedicated team of gardeners and volunteers for 25 years. The Victorian Glasshouses are a jewel in the gardens and an appeal to restore them is place.

Students drawing around the Glasshouses in sketchbook workshop.

Wildflowers and habitat are so important in places where our gardens and urban sprawl meet the greater landscape. Not least of all, they constantly provide inspiration and a 'place to breath' and just be and to draw.

Whilst in the middle of 'Summer' it is hard to think of winter. This time last year I was preparing for a visit to Australia where winter was in full swing. Equally beauty can be found in the winter landscape and with that in mind I am delighted to once again support the Big Heart Auction  for Chestnut Tree House.. Around 200 donated artworks will be auctioned from local, national and celebrity artists, illustrators and photographers as well as pieces by some of the children.

This piece,  'Winter Tree' , marks the beauty to be seen everyday in the shapes of winter trees.
I sign off with this wonderful interview by Textileartist discusses how community, nature, and art continues to shape and influence my work. (photograph compliments of Richard Torble Photography)
Cas Holmes studio, photo by Richard Torble


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