Visions and Favourite Things

I have been away most of the last few weeks in the South West of USA (reported on my Magpie blog) at the end of my tour I attended an opening of  'Stitch Stories' at Visions Art Museum earlier in April. This wonderful  not for profit museum managed by a brilliant staff team and volunteers is at NTC at Liberty Station in San Diego presents engaging programs that increase the appreciation of quilts, textiles and fiber as fine art. I am honoured to be have been invited as one of four gallery shows which include: The Jury is InRecurring Dream by Gay Lasher and Geometric,The Visions Members Challenge. I detail two images from the Stitch Stories installation below which included new works and pieces made within the last 5 years.

Tea Garden (photo credit Sue Benner)
Installation of Armchair Botanical (in background) and Wayside Weeds. 
I was able to catch up briefly with old friends and it was great to see pieces by two of my American textile friends Sue Benner  (below) and Patty Hawkins (above).
After a lovely weekend in Ireland on my return  I am preparing for my show as a guest exhibitor at the 7th Quiltfestival in Luxembourg from 5-8th May Image detail of Winter Grasses, I  will report on this on my return..
Art Textiles Made in Britain will be exhibiting 'Identity' (image from Festival of Quilts 2014) at the Minerva Gallery in Wales from 30 April until 30th May. This is accompanied by workshops (I will also be giving a workshop here 7-8 November 2016.)
  Identity Panels on show at Festival of Quilts 2014

Prescriptions has also opened at the Beaney in Canterbury. The exhibition focuses on the book art of Martha Hall, on loan from the University of New England,accompanied by a curated show of artists books responding to themes of art, empathy and wellbeing. Further links and details on all exhibitions here.
Florascript Cas Holmes
I am delighted to be in two publications this month. The 100th edition of Stitch Magazine with Favourite Things. This also happens to be Kathy Troup's last edition as Editor so I am doubly delighted to mark and celebrate her time on the magazine since its inception and wish her well as she passes on a strong legacy the new Editor.
Last but not least, I am equally delighted to be included in Textileartist's series of E publications in 'Textile Art Inspired by Nature'
I was one of the first interviews on this new blog way back in 2012 when I was interviewed at the Knitting and Stitching Show by Sam Pitcher for their featured artist series (To Do Different). Along with his brother Joe, the site continues to develop as a valuable resource and demonstrates we can never have enough writing about textile art either on line or in print.


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