Stitch Stories

I am excited that my third book 'Stitch Stories' will be published in August. Batsford have done a fabulous job. It features wonderful contributions from artists from all over the globe all who create beautiful, unique work inspired by life, landscape and travels near and far.Thankyou to Jacqui Hurst for beautiful photography.

I have just returned from workshops in Scotland with Diva Design Studio.   Moray, Scotland.
We saw all weathers, wonderful studios, students and enjoyed 'foraging'.
I also got to see the Knockando Woolmill. Set deep in the Spey Valley, it has woven cloth for over 200 year on its historic looms. The work is tough and they still produce fine tweeds and cloth. It was amazing to see weaver Hugh Jones, warp up the looms and weave.
I will be in Australia this summer visiting friends and running workshops. Thankyou to Fibre Arts Australia for all the wonderful help with this.(You know how good you are). I will endeaver to post regularly on Magpie but forgive me if time runs away with me. I am also preparing for exhibitions in Switzerland and France as well as closer to home in the Autumn. I will post further details on my return. 
Finally, but by no means least. I am delighted to be in issue 5 of Inspirational magazine by the wonderful John Hopper who writes rich descriptions of the unique perspectives taken by each artist. There are 8 artists in total covering a wide range of stunning work from ceramics , through to print and weave. Other artists include, Algernon Eldritch, Brenda Holzke, Sarah Ross-Thompson, Fenella Elms, Barbara Schneider, Isobel Currie, Patricia Oblack
An insightful article which enabled me to take a 'step outside' and look into to my own practice through 'other eyes'.


Glenys said…
Thanks Cas! Fibre Arts Australia!!!
Cas Holmes said…
Delighted see you soon Glenysxx
Lookinb forward to seeing your book.
Chez said…
Can't wait to work with you at Open Drawer, Cas. So exciting!

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