Summertime and the living is easy?

I have just returned from a wonderful week of workshops with the Harbour Gallery in Jersey. I was made to feel very welcome by Pat, Raif and the team. Rain did not stop play and some wonderful sketchbooks, collages were produced in the workshop and in local schools.

Mixed Media sketches of work in progress

3 min sketch Cas Holmes
A fabulous photo and review from one of the students, "Busy weekend at the Harbour Gallery st Aubin as you can see from the photo the Cas homes workshop is in full swing, well we abandoned ship for just 5 mins to sketch the masts in the harbour, one of Cas' quick exercises to get everyone drawing, even the terrified!!
Great weekend great fun,thanks to Pat and her team for organising it."

Ros Varrie

I also have work currently on show at the Conquest Hospital Hastings with Sheilagh Dyson, The exhibition will also be part of the Coastal Currents festival which runs from 30 August to 14 September).

I go from small islands to a big island.  Exposition organised by Glenys Mann opened in July in the Warwick Gallery Australia before touring. Each artist has created works inspired by a photograph that features a small empty glass bottle with remnants of the substance it contains and a weathered label tied with string. More than a message in a bottle?

Common Place, Marsh Sowthistle
I finish July with a return to Quiltstar where I will be running workshops and a one person show, Common-Place opening on my birthday! All details and links on my exhibition and events page.

I am hosting a number of workshops over the Summer including a workshop back at my home city of Norwich 21/22nd August. Contact Dominique for further details. My workshops at Festival of Quilts and West Dean are fully booked however, a very special workshop at the  Lace museum in the Netherlands later in the year are taken bookings now (enrollment for this is by beginning of August  (details are in the Dutch language and enrollment closes on August 1st). Contact the museum direct for more information) .
Picture of the wonderful Kevin from Art Van Go taking a picture of Hop Kins for Festival of Quilts exhibition.
Finally, I am participating at Festival of Quilts this summer with the exhibiting British textile group Art Textiles Made in Britain  exhibiting in August and am still working on 40 Yards for the European Patchwork Meeting in September. I was delighted to be a cover girl for Fiber Art Now in July on Facebook with one of my pieces in progress.
You can see more of work in progress in a little bit behind the scenes by Richard Torble photographer 


Unknown said…
Fantastic blog Cas ... good luck with all of it ..
Cas Holmes said…
thankyou Norah
epocktextiles said…
Now here is a funny co-incidence Cas - I could be visiting my brothers and get to both your July shows - one lives in Freiburg, Germany and the other 2 live near Warwick, Australia. I dont live near either - such a pity. Love the piece above with the coloured embroidery in the middle
Cas Holmes said…
It is indeed a strange world. Will post some sneak previews and I will be in Australia in almost a years time again. Thankyou for your kind words on the piece
Cas Holmes said…
Should have hit the reply button Norah..thankyou and belated birthday greetings

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