Extreme Stitching, USA and Exhibitions.

Am busy with planning for workshops in the USA following a wonderful time with Cork Textile Network on my first visit to Ireland.  I loved the English Market and found some examples of tree wrapping in church grounds.
The course was part of the Making Tomorrow Conference  which included guest speakers Lesley Millar and Alice Kettle as well as a workshop and lecture programme. On the course we experimented with different approaches to marking paper and textile with print and stitch to create small studies under the title  of 'Extreme Stitching'. A few images of the 'show and tell' and snippets from the workshop by kind permission of the students.
Show and Tell

Lesley Stothers

Violet Shirran

Moira Byrne

 Rachael Howard had an exhibition of her wonderful stitch and print textiles at the Crawford College of Art and Design alongside a showing of work by Crawford College Textile Students.(finishes 14th March)

 I also went to an exhibition Things/Daiktai at the  CIT Wandersford Quay Gallery. An exchange project between from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design Students and Kaunas Art Institute, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania. A fascinating exhibition  with a high standard of work but my own links with Japan and the use of cranes (Zenbazaru)  in Japan seen as images for health and peace drew my attention.

Gidre Sudyte

Finally back to me. I have work in  Architextur’ Elles from March 8 to April 21 - St Peter's Court Room Rue des Fossés Saint Pierre 72100 LE MANS. I am also preparing to go to the USA. I will update my blogs as and when I can. www.magpieofthemind.blogspot.com


Detail of Rouge Remembrance Cas Holmes


Vicki Miller said…
The student samples are wonderful. Wish I was one of them! I love the cutwork in the last picture. Is it paper?

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