Spring Sunshine and Wet Earth

I have just returned form a wonderful few days in the Netherlands full of bright sunshine. Great to see sun in the last few months of downpours.

 I forgot my sketchbook, shame on me, but made one with paper kindly donated by students and managed to fill it! I call it my 'waiting drawings' sketchbook, as sketches were made while waiting for cakes and coffee, or a train or filling time while trying to get to sleep. Come to think of it, an awful lot of them were done whilst preparing to eat it seems!

I am exhibiting in the Netherlands later in the Autumn/Winter at the Lace Museum and am so excited and came home with lots of lace scraps.

Meanwhile, I have been working on pieces for my exhibition Places, Spaces and Traces at the European Patchwork Meeting in Alsace in September. Below is a detail 'Alphabet' from a new series '40 Yards'
You can get involved  beforehand with Tea Flora Tales as it grows which forms part a the collaboration within the  exhibition.( I will post more details when the information is live on the EPM website in March). 

Here are some contributions from my Dutch friends made while teaching at Zijdelings

Up and coming exhibitions in the next two months:

February - Cuttings and Bridges -Connected Cloth with Anne Kelly, Trinity Town and Country Gallery, Tunbridge Wells from Tuesday 11th February to Saturday 1st March. Meet the artists on Wednesday 12th February 12.30-2.00pm

March       Architextur’ Elles from March 8 to April 21 - St Peter's Court Room 
                  Rue des Foss├ęs Saint Pierre 72100 LE MANS

see the Exhibitions and events section and workshops on this blog for more information.


Vicki Miller said…
What a wonderful way to create a sketchbook and full of meaning because the students contributed the pages. i am totally jealous of you bringing home lace as i love it. Beautiful work!
Cas Holmes said…
Thankyou Vichie... Nedds must and the students were great

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