Lest We Forget, Anzac Day

It has been a privilege to be a guest in Canberra during its 100 year Celebration as Federal Capital City. More so an honour to participate in the Anzac Day services at the Australian War Memorial. My father served alongside Australian Soldiers during the Korean War 1950-53. Sometimes known as the 'forgotten war'. He talked about his Australian 'buddies' with affection and always remembered 'Queenie', an Australian Nurse who looked after him when he was badly injured.

I visited the Korean memorial as well as sat with the families as part of the service. A veteran who served in the Papuan New Guinea Volunteers and his wife (and new friend) was my guide for the day. Part of the warmth and generousity  I find typical of the Australian spirit extending to a visitor from another shore.

Below are a few images of the day and I finish with an image of 'White Cross' dedicated to my father (and now in the Museum of Art and Design New York.). I will update with more news in my next blog and you can catch my Australian journey on Magpie of the Mind.

 Images in and around  the Australian War Memorial

The Korean Servicemen's Memorial along Anzac Parade

White Cross


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