Textiles, Tales and Touring

I am waiting at Hong Kong airport for my connection to Melbourne. I am off on a teaching tour of Australia which starts in Victoria (details of workshops are on this blog). While away I will be keeping a visual diary on my Magpie of the Mind blog. Feel free to have a look.
The above image is from the Temple of Tin Hau near the Causeway Bay side of Hong Kong Island.

Aside from the sights and sounds..I have been amazed by the number of sparrows who readily alight around people closely when eating. Have eaten a lot of Wan Tan (fish ball noodles) and got used to Chinese tea. I am unsure how, and if this may find its way into my work (inspiration not the food..though I have been collecting wrappers). My father was a national serviceman during the Korean War and it is exactly 60 years ago he was in both Hong Kong, Japan and of course Korea. He was nursed back to health after being badly injured by nurses both in Kure, Japan and in Hong Kong. I have picture of him at the cemetery dedicated to combatants of the second World War based on Hong Kong. So the connections are there.

While away, waiting for the book I am working on with Anne Kelly, Connected Cloth to go to print.


Martine said…
This is such an exiting phase in you life...i'm happy to travel with you virtually!
Joseph Pitcher said…
Sounds like a really exciting opportunity both for you and those lucky people who get the benefit of your talent and experience. Hope you're having a cracking time.

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