New Year thoughts

The end of 2012 was a whirlwind, Urban-Nature  at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London, Harrogate  and Festival of Quilts, Birmingham in addition to my regular teaching and workshops.  I had a few weeks down time over the Seasonal break and preparing for 2013..which is the calm before the storm of activity. I am currently planning to exhibit some of the work from Urban Nature over the next two years in Europe and the UK starting with 'Stitch' an exhibition in a monastery in the Netherlands and a group exhibition 'Envelope Art' in Germany. This is before my next teaching tour in Australia 2013 (with a brief break in Hong Kong on the way). I also have workshops coming up in the UK, West Dean, Germany and France as the weather warms and bookings  are being taken now. (see the pages Workshops and Education) on this blog for more information)

Over the seasonal break, I made some small pieces. I was quite ill the beginning of 2012
02 and spent time looking out of windows, with the damp weather, I found myself once again drawn to my window and pots and making studies and drawings. I also went for a few walks in the park outside my back door and took in the lovely winter sunshine.My new blog, Magpie of the Mind covers some of these snippets which  cover aspects of my creative process and links to other sources of creative inspiration.

Finally, I await the design briefs for 'Connected Cloth', co-written with Anne Kelly, textile artist. so you could say I might be busy.

More information more on: 
Red Bowl and Wayside Weeds
Red Bowl (detail)


Threadpainter said…
I love the top photo !
I realize that I don't do enough 'looking around' ... there is lots to make art out of ! ... thanks for the inspiration !
Anonymous said…
I, too, love the top photo; it resonates with something I am trying to do right now (from plot to plate) always inspire me, Cas. And I cannot wait to see the new book. LoL xx
Cas Holmes said…
Hi Its me being like a chicken..scratching around to loosen up and work out a minefield of ideas going on in my Magpie brain!

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