Hola and Ciao Harrogate

Well, the work is down, I am all packed up and back in Maidstone. Just to say thank you to all who came to see me at Harrogate and my other shows at Festival and Ally Pally. This show would not have been possible without the support of so many people and organisations. The twistedthread/Upperstreet events team who put together an excellent space for me, ACE for supporting the exhibition and  not least of all, friends, supporters and visitors who made it all worthwhile.

So many people contributed to Tea-Flora-Tales as it progressed as part of the show. I will update whenever it is shown with a view to continuing raising awareness of the importance of a our grasses and verges. See plantlife.org.uk  I am looking to create an installation with the piece in a couple of years time. With permission from contributors. More about that later. Meanwhile, a few images from the last days:

Bluebell (Represented in the Embroiderer's Guild Collection)

QR reader of my CROW in progress of being animated
Spider on Tea Flora Tales
Red Bowl and Wayside Grasses
Wayside Grasses
Hello and Goodbye..my  name changed .


Penny said…
Wish it had all been closer and I could have seen it in person, bit far from OZ this year but heard so many good reports.
Anonymous said…
I visited the link and saw this big 'patchwork project', wonderful idea!

I'm looking forward to see your installation piece!
Carol Rigby said…
The show at Harrogate was fantastic. It was nice to have the opportunity to say hello and to be able to see your work up close.
layers said…
We live too far apart.. wish I could have seen everything in person.. wonderful work and series.
Cas Holmes said…
was exciting and exhausting..now back to earth!

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