Urban Nature at Knitting and Stitching Ally Pally and other exhibitions

Urban Nature at Alexandra Palace this week.. I will be at gallery TG L9 from 11-14th October 2012. Please pop by and say hello, sit and have a chat or even add to Tea-Flora Tales. I look forward to seeing you there.

I also have some work at 5th European Art Quilt Triennial, in Germany,  9 September 2012-6th January 2013 in Germany which relates to this series.More information on current events under exhibitions section.

Meanwhile some snippets from the exhibition at Festival of Quilts and a review kindly sent to me by Diana Brown:


Setting off to this year’s Festival of Quilts what I was looking forward to most was catching up with the latest work of the exhibiting textile artists. This year Cas Holmes was the invited guest artist.

Cas is passionate about the environment and her use of recycled and found materials. Her imagery highlights the vulnerability of the wildlife that most of us overlook in our daily lives - the nature that shares our city spaces. Her newest pieces of work had been prompted by the start of this summer’s London Olympics. She remember the walks she’d taken in the Lea Valley before building work had started at the site, where she had stopped to take note of the beauty of the commonplace wildlife such as the dandelions, grasses, birds and moths that she came across. The work is wonderfully delicate and ethereal. Layering fine fabrics, with a subtle use of colour, she creates the atmospheric backgrounds for her hand and machine stitched images, highlighting the fleeting nature of such encounters.

While visitors lingered to admire her work, Cas reinforced the messaging by distributing empty used tea bags, challenging her audience to use them as a starting point for their own stitched pieces of work. These will be used to adorn her stand at the London Knit and Stitch Show in October.


ColourFly said…
I will be there to visit you! Looking forward to it!
Su said…
Looking forward to seeing it and meeting you!
Lynda Howells said…
I will come and say hi too. lyndax

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