Monday, 20 August 2012

Festival of Quilts Ends

 A few shots of Urban Nature at Festival of Quilts. Amazing how quickly we set up and take down. Thank you to all the team and the volunteers and friends who helped in this amazing process. Please come and see me at Alexandra Palace in October (more later). Never had my name in big letters before. Apologies to anyone reading this who signed the book and anticipate being added to the mailing will happen but after Ally Pally..I PACKED THE COMMENTS BOOK
Ongoing piece as part of Urban Nature. Tea-Flower-Tales. People stitched a teabag, flower fabric and found object of their choice to a page of stitch patterns to create an ongoing 'daisy chain' which like Topsy 'just growed', and will continue to grow. Come and contribute to making the chain at Ally Pally.More about this later..lets preserve our wildflowers and our verges by visiting 

Visitors perusing. 'Cuttings' in the background (collaboration with Anne Kelly)

Wayside Weeds, blowing int the 'air conditioning'

The beginning...hard to believe set up and take down including building the gallery in under six days! Times that by acres of exhibition stands in two huge halls.

Finally, but not least, many thanks to Arts Council England and The National Lottery for their support of this event.

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