Urban Nature in print

The time draws closer and I pleased to see interest in my forthcoming exhibition at the Festival of Quilts and  Knitting and Stitching Show (London). There is an article in  the Summer 2012 issue of The Quilter, the membership magazine of The Quilters’ Guild, www.quiltersguild.org.uk

 I was delighted to have been invited by Twisted Thread to  exhibit in this Olympic year as a guest artist by Twisted Thread .Friends and family have been supportive over busy time. Getting the work together has taken two years for my first solo show in Birmingham and the capital. I will be showing new work Urban/Nature.Collaboration is an important part of my work and its connection to the environment and locality. This exhibition reflects this and includes examples of my work with artist Anne Kelly.


Unknown said…
I have my tickets for both shows ordered already Caz, really looking forward to your exhibitions!

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