St Ulrich, Freiburg and Strasbourg

Have just returned from a few days in Germany and had time to have a look around   the neighbourhood where I was staying in Freiburg before going to St Ulrich to run some workshops. The weather was warm and sunny. Was hoping for the same on my return.
Freiburg Buildings
Walls Shadow St Ulrich

Mountain Flowers

St Ulrich
St Ulrich

Went to Strasbourg  a medieval city where in some places you could kiss across the windows of the houses!
The buildings were stunning and loved the Gothic cathedral.
 Can just squeeze through
 Wisteria on a house on the river
 Little People
 An interesting number and shell
 Fairy tale building
Strasbourg Cathedral


Irene said…
Lovely photos Cas. I've only every been once to Strasbourg many years ago. It's a lovely place
Cas Holmes said…
Only had a day there Irene..but what a day high eighties wearing my winter woolies agoin!

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