Saturday, 7 April 2012

Day out in London

Went out for the day in London with a couple of friends from Adult Education and ..finally saw the David Hockney at the RA..a lot to see but simply brilliant. Loved some of the smaller charcoals.

Saw some wonderful drawings of people travelling the underground on hoardings near Southwark..could not find the artist.Tanks to Margaret Cooter I have found out the portraits are by Dryden Goodwin, part of his Art on the Underground project -

Decided to take in the Tate briefly. Loved the piece by Do Ho Suh, architectural staircase a replication of the staircase in his New York apartment. My first full day off for some time.


Judy said...

Fantastic staircase! Does the Tate still house the Rothko work? We were just at the Rothko Chapel in Houston - and also took in the Menil Gallery. Wonderful!

You must be all healed up now! Enjoy wellness!


Irene said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day in London. Staircase looks very interesting.

Clare Wassermann said...

Glad you've had a day off. I love that staircase ! I just wondered whether I could ask you where you get your archival tissue paper from?

Margaret Cooter said...

The portraits are by Dryden Goodwin, part of his Art on the Underground project -

JK said...

first time I came across Do Ho Suh was at the Frieze last year...just fantastic....ingenious, sounds like a busy but refreshing day off

bois-fleurie said...

How I envy you.Saw the television program about Hockey and loved it. Have asked for the book for my birthday. I also admire the time he puts in on his art.