Romany Roots

One advantage of being too unwell to move around, is time to sit and reflect. I looked over some images I had taken at the Museum of Kent Life a while ago and remembered I had taken some images of myself reflected in a display telling the story of the hop-pickers who worked on the farms. My grandmother, a Romany, would have worked alongside the Eastenders who came to work and to have a little sunshine in the late Summer.
Had a lovelyy afternoon with my friend Anne, stitching, whilst we welcomed people to our afternoon viewing of Cuttings. in Tunbridge Wells. If I am fit enough, hope to catch up with a few friends and see the David Hockney in the next month.
Oh, and I managed to get on with a lot of hand-stitching and finished some pieces for the exhibition at the Knitting and Stitching Show and Festival of Quilts.


Tricks said…
Love the images Cas. You lucky thing going to the Hockney. Is that the lastest work where he has been working on broad landscapes in a tree lined lane? Take some pictures if they allow. I would love to see them. Enjoy Best Wishes Tricia x:D
Cas Holmes said…
HI Tricia

Fingers crossed I can get in to the friend is a friend of the gallery. However, I am sure we cannot take images...sorry.
Martine said… soothing It will make you get better soon.
I come from Kent myself (now in Adelaide) and remember the smell of the hop fields - heady!

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