Sick of being sick

A whole week so far have enforced sitting down or at best hobbling. Have a really painful knee infection and now I am feeling a bit better in myself (raging temperature down) I am going stir crazy.Taking my first sick day ever next week as I cannot move around at least my students get a break.Managing to do a little hand stitch and use the netbook now and again but cannot get on with any projects or serious paperwork.

Not least of all, it was half term so had planned to see a couple of exhibitions and meet with a good friend to celebrate her 50th birthday, could not even attend Cuttings exhibition, Thanks to Anne for holding the fort on this one.

Still, small compensations:

first time I have days of stillness for a long time

managed to sit for the first time on the bench in the garden and have a good cuppa and share my toast with a bird

Finding some good old films on the tv

enjoying a bit of hand stitch

good excuse not to do the housework!

Hopefully there will be improvement in the next week or so


I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery. Take care.
Martine said…
if we dont take rest........our body will force us!
Cas Holmes said…
too true

My body has a mind of its own at the moment. Still hobbling but feeling better
Irene said…
Hope you're feeling better soon Cas. Rest that knee.

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