Norfolk or the Netherlands

I have just returned from a few days in the Netherlands. The landscape seems oh so familiar and equally lovely.

A Norfolk willow

Dreischor Netherlands

A Norfolk Waterway

A little bird tile at my friends' house in the Netherlands

Canal near Dreischor


José said…
Hello Cas
I hope your yourney was good last saterday. You must heave been very tired after 4 days and such a long trip to Norfolk.
I'm still amazed about the beautifull workshop last weekend and remind your good advizes.
I want to send you the free translation of the piece I made wich is called "Spelen als een kind." as we agreed.

Play like a child be free
play as a child feel free
Play like a child
Be free as a child without obligation

This kind of a theme fit's to me when I worke at lease Ill try.
I'll hope you look at my website when you do have time ans wat to aks to put my link to your site if you like it.
Thank you for the good weekend and all the things I've seen and learned.
Sincerely José Middelhuis
Cas Holmes said…

How nice of you to remember the translation. You ladies of the flat lands were wonderful to work with. The journey back was eventful. Via Germany so late back. I will check your site as I liked the pieces you had in the workshop

Martine said…
love how you say that Cas...ladies of the flatlands. As you say yourself our surroundings look very much alike.
Loved the workshop and getting to know you a little..... especially your humour!

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