End of Australia Trip


My last day in Australia this Saturday. I head for New Zealand Easter Sunday. I have had a great time, met some fascinating people and been to some beautiful places. The weather has been colder here than in the April heatwave I have heard we have had in the South East of England.

There are some amazing creatures, including some which leave bright shiny blue eggs in the reserves, created a landscape (in my coffee cup...used the wrong pot!) and been to the Dandenongs and Fern forests near Melbourne.

People have been most welcoming, am sorry to leave but also looking forward to going home after New Zealand.

Happy Easter


Penny said…
It was a great class, glad you enjoyed the whole trip, NZ will be different but just as interesting.
Take care. Penny (upside down!!)
Cas Holmes said…
promise I will cause as much havock here in windy and wet wellington.

still wearing the brooch

RosieK said…
Hi Cas and good to meet you through Jo's blog - I met with Jo when I visited Oz a year ago - she is lovely! Would love to go back! I live in South Devon! Aren't those trees amazing - I have about 500 photos of trees and rocks that I took over there! Enjoy NZ
Emma said…
My middle boy has just been picking grapes in NZ & is now in OZ ;) His photos are slightly different to yours (he's 18 ;) but he did post a lovely one looking up some trees!Hope your having a fabulous creative touristy time. I'm so enjoying your book.
deb said…
Hi Cas, missing you already. I am sure you will leave your footprints in New Zealand, as you did in Australia. Have a safe trip back. Take care. Deb xox
Cas Holmes said…
Hello all,

So nice to have left message on my blog. I ind it hard to think that less than a week ago I was in NZ and now life is back to 'normal' here in the UK. Spring came and went whilst I was away and everything is just so green. My trip was mind enhancing and the generousity and friendship of my Ozzie and New Zealand textile enthusiasts enabled many magic moments..even the cold and rain in Ballarat and the winds of Wellington!

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