Pride of Britain Award

I have been given a Pride of Britain Award, presented by Baroness Verma on behalf of the NRI institute. The Award is given to 'Honour Excellence in their Chosen Field of Activities' for work in the UK and abroad. Mine was in recognition of my contribution to art and international relations specifically referring to the my exhibition Traces, research and workshops in India and the UK and my work in Education. On presentation, they quoted a comment by local but internationally recognised artist Ralph Steadman:

A sense of provocation displays her commitment to art as part of life and shows richly in her dedication to community projects into which she throws herself like an avenging demon.

The award ceremony was held at the Aylesford Priory in Maidstone on 26th September, where the NRI launched its Kent chapter as part of its international work. A dinner was held at the House of Lords, hosted by Baroness Verma, Baroness in Waiting, Minster for International Development, Minister for Equalities and Women and also the whip in the Cabinet Office , House of Lords.

However, I am still, just 'Cas' and get on with the job, but really appreciate the honour the award gives me.


Congratulations- you deserve the award. You must be proud of your achievements!
Penny said…
Congratulations. What an honor.
Jacqui Dodds said…
Congratulations on your award Cas. I saw 'Traces' at Bilston art gallery and throughly enjoyed it - went specially to see it and wasn't disappointed.
Congratulations, it is so deserved. We love your work

Cas Holmes said…
thanks for the kind comments. My other half said 'its a bit like getting a swimming medal! I replied, 'I would drown with that round my neck!'
Emma said…
Fantastic, this is great & well deserved. What a fabulous review for your exhibition, below; sadly I'm too far away.
M Dawson said…
Congratulations!! I celebrated your award by buying your book! W00T!!!!! Well done on getting something that confirms that what you do is THE RIGHT THING!!
Cas Holmes said…
LOved the Kitty image wskr and Amp

Must post one up of my Fred sometime

say hi to NZ
Jane LaFazio said…
congratulations!! quite an honor indeed!

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