50 and just about going strong!

Celebrated my 50th birthday last week. Teaching at West Dean. Hard work, lots of creativity and lots of fun. Am waiting for the birthday images....students created an outfit for the Thursday party night of circus theme. Nice little number with flowers in my hat and black leggings!

I sat up early hours of the morning of my birthday and took a photo of the moon from the front lawn of the house..and no, I had not had a drink, just a bit of moon madness. It was stunning. One of our wonderful summer school team, Frances Hatch, likes to paint in the moonlight.

Anne K, my friend surprised me by turning up on my birthday..I wondered how the team at West Dean found out. We spent the afternoon painting in the gardens.

Had afternoon cream tea when I got home, birthday treat in a bag bought to my garden by dear friends Simon and Mo with a devil may care chocolate cake.

Well back to work.



susan said…
Happy Birthday to you on this August day.....from Susan.....

Kirkland, Washington
West Coast USA!
Cas Holmes said…
thanks for the birthday commentsXX
Cas Holmes said…
thanks for the birthday commentsXX
Emma said…
Happy belated birthday! I was 50 in June & organised a 1 to 1 postcard swap...with 50 people, it was all consuming but a huge achievement for me & I have such a wonderful panel of kind artists lovely work...or I will do when I've stitched it all together!

Will you be doing a review/preview of you wonderful book? I see it's out already in the States. Let me know if you do a review, thanks!
Anonymous said…
Hi Cas, happy birthday! I posted a review of your book on my blog today. It's a beautiful book! http://suebleiweiss.com/blog/
Cas Holmes said…
Thanks for birthday wishes and comments. Have added links to some of your profiling...oh to be so vain!

all best Magpies


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