Plaster Off!

My plaster finally came off my arm three weeks ago. Trying to get used to it not quite being right and gradually marking improvement.

Students I have worked with have been very supportive. Lost count of how many right hand helpers have come forward to assist.

Typing and stitching is still limited. Not so bothered about the typing but cannot wait to get the needle back in my hand! Now that the weather is improving also want to get back on to my bike..but cannot do any weight bearing stuff at the moment.

If you are wondering about the image. Worked on colour wheel with students at Adult Education. Great to see the colours on the table.


Penny said…
Glad you are finally getting back to a bit more mobility. You really have no idea how much you need your arms and hands until something happens to them.
Cas Holmes said…
Too true

and I have to remember it takes time!
Emma said…
Glad your plaster is off - looked wonderfully colorful! Looking forward to The Found Object in Txtile Art this summer.

Quite new to this wonderful blog world but loved your work in Cloth Paper Scissors. One day I'll get to see your work in real life!
Cas Holmes said…
Thanks to all for kind comments re plaster off. Still trying to work it back to normal..still claim washing up is too difficult..I wonder how long I can keep that one going?

Just as well my partner derek does not read my blog

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